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The Bengal Tiger
[Panthera tigris tigris]

This was a warning snarl if ever there was one!

We were tracking a pair of tigers in the forests of the Himalayan foothills on a freezing winter morning. The animals were going up a hill perpendicular to us.

Suddenly the first tiger, likely the male, stepped out of the bush closer to where we expected it to cross. Just a silent grimace was enough for us to rapidly back up. A moment later, the second tiger came bounding to catch up, and both settled at the middle of the trail!


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  • All images will be printed on Epson enhanced matte paper, 190 gsm printed using pigment based archival ink which will last for 75 years.
  • We can also print on Hahnemühle Daguerre Canvas (400 gsm, Poly-cotton, bright white) on request.
  • All prints will have a white border that will be useful while framing.
  • Prints will be rolled in a tube safely and shipped. We have tested this and this works.
  • Write to us if you require anything specific for eg. if you need the print in a square composition, etc. and we will try to get it done. Allow some time for our designers.
  • Shipping within India only (for now).
  • Please address all queries and requests to info@wildlifeforcancer.com


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